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“Qualitative Research”

At “Wolf Insights” our team stays afloat with trends of today, regardless of what your business is about. While it may be hard for you to understand what consumers think nowadays, we use qualitative research methods to point you in the right way to connect with your customers.

Since our founding, we have thoroughly scrutinized the different types of audience for various businesses, so that we can provide you insights on how to conduct the best interviews and surveys to reach the greatest number of customers. We use a variety of methods to discover trends that relate to real time consumer insights, attitude and habits that common researchers might miss. It will allow you to gain distinctive insights into your business and have special recommendations to further build your business. We will provide such quality data even if you require an extensive collation of results or simple insights into your business. If needed, we have experts in the industry who can provide even more support for you to grow your business.

Our surveys are done in a way that will increase your customer’s satisfaction with our qualitative surveys. We also help you in deciding the best marketing campaign to increase your sales activity, in the case that you are a company selling products.

When we collect data from research, we choose a suitable data option to transform the data into a simple and visually satisfying format through pie charts and graphs, for example, to allow you to understand the data easily.
If you need in-person offline interviews, our team of experts are always ready to conduct such thorough reviews. Once you contact us, you will never need to externally deploy other agencies or freelancers to conduct interviews. We are also experienced in contacting high-level executives of top companies for you to gain more knowledge into a specific industry without having to go through the strenuous process yourself.

Our clients places their trust in us for our qualitative research methods. Talk to us to learn more about how we can help your business, and the end results will make you satisfied.

“Our Effective Qualitative Research Methods”

Data Collection

Data collection gives a huge amount of data and coherent data options. Accuracy & quality play the key role in online data collection that transforms into actionable insights

In-depth Interviews

Online or Offline, iMAD's experts are fully equipped while conducting interviews in depth interviews. We require the topic and the questions you would like to ask the respondents and the results will be published to your mailbox.

Telephonic Direct Interviews

Consumer, B2B or Healthcare, choose iMAD for conducting the interviews over the phone. You'd no longer have to outsource the interview part to freelancers or other agencies.


Need to contact C-level Executives and top management brass at 500 fortune companies but no success through online. Fret not as we'd also be able to cover your CATI needs. We have dedicated resources to reach the required audiences.

Executive Interviews

iMad Research works together with you to structure a meeting protocol, recruit participants, and conduct the interviews and the resulting investigation

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