Wolf Insights

“The world is constantly changing in many ways, and so does the people.”

Your audience will hence always change too. This will make it harder to get reliable data from respondents through random sampling. However, at Wolf Insights , we keep ahead of other research companies by conducting panel-based research.

Panel-based research is a more efficient and rapid way to collect data. This data is collected only from a specified set of participants. Only with Wolf Insights ‘ quality research panel can you get better perception on your current and potential customers. Our research panel consists of a large number of respondents, hence you will not need to worry about participation rates. Our research panel is a cost-effective way to get even more responses from a large group of people within a short time.

“Acquiring the right audience is the most important key to quality research solutions”

Wolf Insights employs complex technology and innovative programs making sure that we associate ourselves with viable panelists gathered through a multitude of reliable sources. When we recruit potential respondents for our research panel, we send a profile survey to understand their demographic profile, behaviours and household conditions as these are the foundations to facilitate more accurate studies in time. This allows both you and us to build up a rich profile of respondents, leading to better quality responses. The panelists vetted into our system, are thoroughly  filtered using our fraud detection operating systems. Complex recruiting methods and randomised selection of respondents contained within each profiling ensures that the individual samples are as representative as possible.

“Consumer panel”

One of our most requested type of panel sampling is our consumer panel. If you need opinions, attitude and behaviour of the public towards any product or service you are launching, you can consult our consumer panel for various constructive feedback on your products and services. Respondents in our consumer panel are always ready to share their thoughts any time. Even if you need a large variety of responses from people of different backgrounds, no problem. We have a strong pool of respondents ranging of different ages and socio-economic backgrounds to maximise your reach to potential audiences. It will allow you to improve on your offerings to launch them without hitches. Our algorithms can help to choose specific groups of respondents and attract them via engagement techniques.

“B2B Panel”

Do you require input from professionals, managers, executives and technicians (PMETs)? We also have Business to Business (B2B) panel researching. We know how hard it is to get professionals to do surveys. However, we engage high level professionals and senior level executives to be part of our B2B research panel through extensive recruitment. To continue engaging these PMETs, we make use of special incentive plans to continue attracting them. This way, you will be sure to get the best standards of answers and data from our B2B research panel.

“Healthcare panel”

Healthcare panel is another research panel we are experienced in. Right now, the healthcare industry is booming due to its high demand. As such companies will need to understand the inner workings of healthcare, such as diseases and conditions, patient types and much more. Wolf Insights healthcare research panel consists of many medical professions such as physicians, patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals, who are thoroughly checked for accuracy. Through our experienced healthcare respondents, we can provide you with the knowledge to understand the complicated and constantly growing healthcare industry and assist you in growing your business in the healthcare sector.

“Quality is determined by accuracy and completeness.”

No matter what research panel you would like to consult, always expect accurate and quality results from us. Through our efforts in recruiting and maintaining our online panel, we have always had a consistent stream of respondents to meet our clients’ needs. Our results are validated using our technology to filter out fraudulent responses to ensure high quality data is sent to you. This applies to our recruited respondents, who will be checked with appropriate identification technology to look out for fake identities within our respondents. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us now to further understand how we can help you business with our global research panel.

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